Solar-powered Expandable Eco Dwellings: The Homes Of The Future – Architecture & Engineering

Solar-powered Expandable Eco Dwellings: The Homes Of The Future


Can you imagine an innovative mobile dwelling which can literally unpack itself in a few moments? Thanks to the Australian enterprise Prodengin, this idea is reality and it has a modern design as well. The self-sustaining solar powered home you can see in the images is called SEED (Solar-powered Expandable Eco Dwelling). It is a purpose-built expandable dwelling system which has all the benefits of a small house but with the awesome feature that it expands in seconds! The home is totally accessible, having wheelchair access designed into it. The solar panels are up to 8kW and you can choose the battery storage sizes. There are 360-degree viewing windows and you can opt to trap water for sustainable living. There can be a shower, toilet and plenty of storage along with a free-space interior, allowing you to design your own space. Simply amazing!


As the drive toward ecological dwellings continues, innovative Australian enterprise Prodengin is front running a unique concept that is set change the future of environmentally conscious accommodation. With patent pending product designs, the business aims to offer an innovative mobile dwelling to global business, recreational and humanitarian markets.

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