After Closing My Business I Can Finally Create Impossible Buildings Without Clients Limiting My Imagination – Architecture & Engineering

After Closing My Business I Can Finally Create Impossible Buildings Without Clients Limiting My Imagination

These series of pictures are the result of a 7 year long journey that brought me to countries such as Latvia, Israel and Germany. The story begins in the summer of 2006, a crucial date in my life, because after 2 years of deep thinking, I finally decided to quit as a freelance 3D architectural illustrator, a job that had kept me busy for over a decade.

The job paid very well, I had plenty of customers and very good reputation in Barcelona (I still have), but in the last period the incoming projects began to be a bit repetitive and boring. I found out that I had totally lost my motivation for it. Even, I had begun to hate 3D architectural illustration. So I began this journey with little money in my pocket that I saved from my recently closed business, but without any clear idea of what I was going to do in my life, professionally wise. One good thing about long journeys is that, suddenly, one comes accross plenty of time for oneself, so I believe that for the sake of learning as much as possible from those eventual insights, one must keep an open mind. So I tried, and being one of the most important conclusions the fact that I can’t be further away from hating 3D architectural illustration. To the contrary, I love it way much more than I would ever expect… The real problem here was working for customers!

That is why I decided to trully work for myself and try to make a living out of whatever the hell was going to come out of my mind, without any personal or environmental limitations. The result is a constantly growing series of pictures, which I have encircled in a project called “City Portraits” which depict buildings that for some reason were important to me during that long journey. Buildings that, after being photographed, were digitally manipulated to acquire an alternative form. And this is what hitherto I have been doing. Hope you enjoy them!

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