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Insane Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

Women all over the world are enjoying much longer life expectancy than their male counterparts. For the most part of it, the habit of smoking and drinking adopted by the X-chromosome bearers can be blamed but there has been a greater disparity in the age between males and females in Russia of about 12 years. Now, blaming alcohol and cigarette here doesn’t sound so right. There has to be some other reason as well. I might have a mild idea about it.

1. Now, I personally won’t do that. Don’t know about you guys!


2. I wonder what he was thinking..where should I hang myself from? Certainly, a cliff.


3. Batman Vs Superman. Winner: The Great Bull.


4. Changing the tire of your car has never been this easy.


5. A large part of me just wants to know ‘why’.


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