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You’re Killing Your iPhone With These 12 Charging Mistakes

Tip 4 – Using a Wireless Charger: Those portable battery pack and charging cases certainly are a life-saver when at a long day at school or commuting to work when you’re an Iphone holder. However both the charging phone and the battery pack/case are emulating heat, so to avoid overheating your phone it is important to only use these methods of charging in emergency or out of absolute need.


Tip 5 – Leaving phone case on during a charge: Iphone users my notice the feel of their phones heating up while charging or using apps, and this is sometimes because the case is causing the phone to overheat. (Lots of ways to overheat an Iphone)


Tip 6 – Storing your backup phone uncharged? Some people keep an extra phone just incase their current one accidentally ends up in the toilet or forgotten on the seat of a bus. Experts warn not to store these phones with zero charge, as after a certain period of time the battery can enter “deep discharge state” which renders it less capable of holding a charge in the future.


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