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You’re Killing Your iPhone With These 12 Charging Mistakes

Tip 7 – Using a non Iphone Charger: It’s always wise to use the charger that came with or was designed for your specific phone and model. While there are cheaper non brand chargers available online, unauthorized chords have been known to cause damage to the battery and in some cases even catch fire.


Tip 8 – Brightness and Screen Adjustments: One of the biggest energy drainers is the home page display and backlights of the Iphone. This can be adjusted by sliding up on your home screen and turning the brightness of the screen down. This can also be adjusted in the wallpaper and background section of setting. This can be taken a step further by adjusting the lock time to 1 minute.



Tip 9 – Turn Wifi and Data off: Several aspects of the Iphone are still sucking battery power even if your phone is in your pocket not in use. For example Iphones will continue to seek out local Wifi each time it moves around. Airplane mode can be used in a desperate situation. This turns off Wifi, Data, and Bluetooth. Wifi can still be used by selecting it manually, but this prevents it from doing its own thing when not in use.


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