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Can You Guess The Correct Answer To This Numbering Puzzle?

At times, you overestimate the capabilities of your brain and as a result end up in the article like these where the sanity of your grey cells are tested through and through. What’s the worst part of it? When you actually fail the test, feeling like an absolute letdown. However, do not worry dear fellas. This mind boggler is not for you to fail or is it? Well, that my friend only the time will tell. So let’s find out.

Here’s a box that is divided into 6 squares. All of them are chronologically numbered from 1-5. The twist here is that you’ll have to find out what should come in the empty box. Let me give you a hint here, don’t go all smart and tag the box with the number 6. It’s better to take your time and then make a decision.


Considering the fact that number 6 sounds to be the best plausible answer to the puzzle considering all the facts and your mathematical experiences, I would say that let’s give another number a try.

Wondering what the hell this puzzle is about? Well, if your brain headed towards the 5-speed gear shift then give your brain a big pat on its back as it was doing the right thing. The empty box should have a ‘R’ signifying the reverse gear symbol. This is not what you would have expected but what the heck.

So did you get the right answer? No? Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

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