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Top 10 Most Scariest And Craziest Bridges In The World

92. Glass Skywalk, Tianmenshan National Forest Park, China
The Glass Walkway, termed “The Walk of Faith” hangs off the edge of a cliff in the Tianmen Mountains; it is 60 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and is located 1430 meters above sea level. Despite being hair-raising frightening, the skywalk attracts thousands of tourists due to the breathtaking view it offers of the entire county. If this adrenaline-inducing bridge doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing else will.

101. The Storseisundbrua, Atlantic Highway, Norway
It has rightly been called “The road to nowhere.” Situated on Norway’s West Coast, it is the longest of eight bridges that make up the Atlantic Highway. It’s uniquely complex architecture facilitates an optical illusion; so that seen from the angle of approach, the driver would think he’s taking a flying leap into the sea. And if that’s not scary enough, the bridge is often hit by European storms, and the mile high waves crashing over the bridge are sure to make the most daredevil of drivers turn away.

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