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Ten things whose purpose we could never have guessed

There’s a multitude of things that we see all around us on a daily basis, yet we don’t know what these things are really for.

The hanging loop on the back of your shirt

There are three plausible explanations for this. The first one is the most obvious — it’s for hanging up your shirt. The second explanation comes down to us from the era of removable shirt collars and handkerchiefs: it may have been intended to somehow help fasten a tie. The third idea is the most romantic. A student at an American university is said to have removed the loop from his shirt when he started dating a girl, to show that he was taken. For her part, his girlfriend started to wear a scarf with the emblem of his university on it.

The cylinder on your laptop’s power cable

You’ve almost certainly noticed this little thing when using a laptop. This small but very important device is called a ’ferrite bead.’ It suppresses high-frequency noise in electronic circuits. Its design is incredibly simple: it has an insert made from ferrite which the cable is wrapped around.

The tiny hole in the window of a plane

Two pieces of plastic glass (perspex) are used to make the window panes in airplanes. On its own, the inner glass pane could potentially shatter because of the significant difference in pressure between the plane cabin and the outside. The tiny hole allows the air to move between the cabin and the area between the two panes, thus equalizing pressure between them.

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