This is what the passenger planes of the future will look like – Architecture & Engineering

This is what the passenger planes of the future will look like

Virtually anyone traveling on a plane would prefer to have their own self-contained seat with a bit more space to stretch out their legs. Luckily for all of us, aircraft designers are currently working on creating much more comfortable conditions for all kinds of travelers and especially long-distance ones.

A personal entertainment system

Making announcements via things like Facebook is currently the peak of technological savviness for most airlines. But some of them — the ones that keep a keen eye on new technologies emerging in the airline industry — are beginning to introduce built-in individual entertainment centers in their aircraft. You can even connect your own device to them through the LAN network inside the aircraft.

An in-flight help system

The Dutch company AirFi equips low-cost airlines with a special wireless system that uploads passenger information directly to your device. It offers you the chance to read in-flight magazines, select movies to watch, order food, and make duty-free purchases.

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